Monday, 16 April 2012

New Look

Some time in April 2012 the new look for blogger will be the only look, and the old familiar one will be a thing of the past. I want my son's grand parents to write some posts for me, because what's a web log about our lives in reflection without the grand parents' perspective, right? So I thought I'd better throw together some simple instructions for them to follow, and hopefully they'll find it a breeze and start blogging!
  1. Upload all pictures you are going to use for your post to Picasa Web. If you don't know how to do this here are the instructions.
  2. Go to and log in.
  3. Your dashboard will look similar to this:

    Click the orange button (shown circled in the screenshot above) to create a new post.
  4. Type in your Title of the post in the field next to the Publish button. In the example screenshot the title of this post is "Beginners look at creating a blog post".

  5. It is easiest to create your post using the "Compose" area (instead of "HTML" where you actually create your post using HTML tags).
  6. To attach a photo click on the Insert Image icon:

    You want to select a file from Picasa Web Albums, then navigate on the right side panel to the album and image you have uploaded in step 1.

  7. Before you publish your post it is a good idea to preview it first so that you can correct any formatting problems, alignments of pictures and texts, etc etc.
  8. You can also save your post as a draft for publishing later, or schedule a time when you want your post to publish automatically. To do this enter your date and time in the Post settings on the right hand side of your post entry:

Let me know if you have any questions, because no doubt if you have questions then the grand parents will have questions too!

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  1. You bet I will follow you! I need geeks in my life. :)